Folded Garden

August to September 2013  | Second-Year Studio I, Fall 2013 Semester

Yupo water-resistant paper and translucent plastic

Advised by Mick McNutt, AIA

A quick two-week-long project, the Folded Garden functioned as a micro-scale ecological intervention on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus that could nurture and protect an oregano plant. Constructed without adhesives or fasteners - but only cut and folded water-resistant paper and plastic - the mini-garden housed the oregano plant so well it survived in the open well into November. The plant holder’s siting and geometry ensured the oregano received enough water and sunlight while also protecting it against wind. Its placement in a crevice between the benches in the Civil Engineering Garden also established the oregano planter as a miniature piece of public landscaping, further improving the experience in the residual space that is the Civil Engineering Garden. Ultimately the Folded Garden was an exercise in minimalism, materiality, and guerrilla gardening.

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